Jimmy Perron


Geospatial Trends for 2019

It’s the time of year for all technological industries to look back on 2018 realizations and begin planning their needs for 2019. The blog GeoAwesomeness has published […]

Part 2 : Track your assets and IoT on a real-time map – Try it live!

  Part 2 – Try the demo : Track your assets and IoT on a real-time map! The first article (see part 1) has introduced the […]

Track your assets and IoT on a real-time map : 5 steps

5 steps to track your assets and IoT in real-time on a map in few minutes! Today, connected objects, GPS and other sensors are affordable for […]

Automated flood warning system for citizens

  The smart city and automated warning of floods How smart cities more effectively alert their citizens with IoT, mapping and an automated warning system. More […]

The new Americas Geo IoT World conference

  Following its success in Europe and by Industry demand, Geo IoT World is launching its Americas’ edition in San Francisco on March 26-28, 2019 (https://www.geoiotworld.com/americas). This […]

See how Rasters.io helps smart cities at the Rendez-vous Géomatique 2018

Enable smart cities with personalized maps and IoT in real-time. Nowadays, ‘smart city’ is an inevitable buzzword but there are real challenges for integrating new technologies […]

Mixing Maps and IoT : Welcome to Rasters.io

  The new Rasters.io Blog Combine geographical maps (GIS) and internet of thing (IoT) in real-time using the new Rasters.io web platform. Welcome to the blog! […]