Manage Layers in the map #

This section presents examples which demonstrate how to manage layers in the map. There are several layer types supported by :

  • Base : This is the default layer when a map is created. The map contains streets, parcs, water, cities, … The Base layer can be deleted and replaced by custom GIS data.
  • Vectors : supports vector layers from ShapeFile, and Tile Vector.
  • Rasters : It is possible to add GeoTiff and Rasters Tiles.
  • Annotation : This is a layer to add annotations to map (polygons, markers, circles, and lines)
  • IoT : This layer can be added and configured via the portal or the REST API and provide a direct connection to an IoT data source. All IoT will be automatically displayed on the map.
  • Collect : A Collect layer is used by the mobile application (Android/IOS) to collect geographic information from the field and display it on the map.

To add layers, use the web portal ( or the REST API.

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