Learn how to manage geometry on the map #

In a map, items can be added to the maps. The following geometries are supported : Point, Polygon, Circle, and Line.

When an item is added with the JS API it’s possible to add a relation to a specfic Annotation layer of the map (LayerId not null) OR just add it globally and not related to any layers (LayerId to null). When items are related to a layer, the following features can be used :

  • When the Layer is Hidden/Displayed, all related items are automatically hidden/displayed
  • When the Layer is deleted, all related items are automatically deleted
  • Queries can be executed to get or set properties to all items of a layer.

The API method AddMapItems is used to add a feature on the map and the following parameters can be set :

items : GeoJSon defining the features to add and all properties
layerId : Id of the related layer for the features. If no layer is related set to “”.
isShared : indicates if the features added are shared and persistent (true) OR live only in the current session (false)
isLocked : Indicates if the features can be moved by the user (false) or not (true). A Locked feature can be still deleted or updated via the JS API.

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