Slide General Features Connected Objects Connect different types of equipment to the same platform: - Vehicles (GPS and engine data)
- Sensors (hydraulic, weather, etc.)
- Probes (Temperature)
- Spreader controllers

Know your operations with the real-time display of the sensors data on the map as well as the detailed equipment data to obtain their status and history.

Get notified immediately if something goes wrong and save precious minutes to take action.
Slide General Features Live map Locate all your equipment on the map in real time in order to have a quick overview to understand the situation and analyze it.

Track the progress of your operations over a period of time, filter by activities, view your incidents, view your areas of interest, view your routes and search for anything on the map.

The live Map is a simple and powerful tool providing the detailed information you need.
Slide General Features Vehicle history View and replay a specific history for one or more vehicles in the “Vehicle History” section.

Choose a vehicle and a period of time to display the historical trace on the map and view all the telemetry information available by clicking on a point on the trace.

Slide General Features Alerts and notifications Collect various information about your vehicles, equipment and sensors with The alerts and notifications module allows you to analyze all this information in real time in order to warn you of problematic situations.

Whether it is to monitor the status of equipment, the fuel consumption of vehicles or the idle time in a specific area, will keep you informed and always in control 24/7.
Slide General Features The reports Generate different types of preconfigured reports with the platform's reporting module.

The module allows, depending on the reports, to dynamically specify parameters such as dates, vehicles considered for the generation of the report, operators, etc.

All reports can be generated in Excel or PDF.

Slide General Features The dashboard Consolidate the data collected and get a real-time overview of the most important indicators of your operations with the dashboard.

- Individual progress of routes, total progress, operating vehicles, spreading rate etc.

Given the flood of information you receive every day, having real-time access to the most critical information is essential to enable more effective decision-making in emergency situations.
Slide General Features Adding geographic layers Add geographic data layers to a map in an organization with this module.

- Vector layers
- Roads, sidewalks
- Cadastre
- Infrastructure network (aqueduct, railways, etc.)
- Standpipes, manholes, etc.
- Raster layers - Drone images, orthophotos (satellite and aerial images).

Add your own layers of always up-to-date and more precise data which makes it easier to geolocate your "assets" and link them, for example, to inspection tasks, work and/or operator visits.

Public Works Module

Slide Rasters.Navigation Rasters.Navigation Following a snowplowing route, with the constraint of turning right while having to look at a paper map, is quite a challenge for a new operator or a temporary worker.

Your operators can now follow the predefined route instructions with sequence of streets to be completed "turn by turn" with a single Android mobile application specially designed for operators in the field ;

Follow easily the route directions (text and voice) and watch your route change color as you progress.
Slide Rasters.Navigation Rasters.Navigation Automatically see the percentage progress of routes and be able to make decisions by choosing which route to take.

Choose your route according to the percentage progress and resume your journey exactly where the other operator left.

Leave your route, due to an obstruction, and come back further in your route, the instructions will start again at the specific point where you come back in your route.

Report information in the central platform in order to warn of an anomaly, an obstacle or an incident during the execution of your route.
Slide Rasters.Navigation Diffusion of routes particularities Provide the operator with specific route particularities, which are points of interest positioned on a route, and mainly used to share information.

Inform the operator on approach if there are any particularities nearby throughout his route progress.

When the operator follows his route, the application indicates the specific instructions to be taken into consideration such as "beware of the pothole"; "lift the truck plow, raised sump", etc.


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