your map

Add geographical data to create personalized maps. You can integrate vector and raster files from several sources.


Add a IoT layer and integrate your devices directly on the map to display and manage all properties.


The new rule-based engine provides a powerful way to create conditions and actions related to an IoT in the geospatial world.

geographical data

Use the Android or IOS application to collect information directly on the field and display it on the map.


Create your maps

Just add a vector or a raster layer and customize how the map is displayed

Add a GIS data layer
Upload your data
Adjust the style and add map annotations
Share your map and integrate it in your applications

Add your IoT

Add and configure your IoT directly in Rasters.io without any coding

Add an IoT data layer
Configure the connection to the data source
Adjust the style and how the IoT will be displayed
Declare your business rules and specify how actions will be triggered

Collect your data from the field

Use the mobile application to collect data on the field and use it in Rasters.io.

Add an Collect data layer
Build your custom survey forms in Rasters.io
Connect to the mobile application and start to collect data
Display and react in real-time to data collected on the map