Rasters.io allows you to connect different types of objects such as vehicles, sensors, probes and to know in real time the location of these objects as well as their status.

The platform includes all the basic functionalities of an IoT and vehicle tracking platform that can be used in multiple industries;

Live map

Vehicle History & connected objects

Telemetry module & users management

Dashboard & standard reports

Alerts and notifications

Public Works Module

With the module specially designed for public works, you can now get a better visibility of the planned work versus the completed work with the management and diffusion of routes.

Routes management


With Rasters.io, you can create predefined routes with a sequence of streets to be completed “turn by turn”, follow the percentage of progress of each route and view in real time the overall progress of your operations.

Other solutions

In a standard fleet management system, the routes are generated according to delivery addresses for the transport of goods and not according to turn by turn streets to be plowed or cleared.


icons8-planning-skill-100 (1)
Better plan and organize your operations
icons8-sand-timer-100 (1)
Offer operators modern navigation tools
Reduce citizen requests and complaints
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Obtain better control of salt spreading and operating costs

The diffusion of routes to operators with Rasters.Navigation


The operator will be able to choose directly his route and view or listen the route instructions with the sequence of streets to be completed “turn by turn” using an intelligent mobile application installed on a tablet in his vehicle.

Other solutions

Unlike standard navigation apps of Google Maps, Garmin, Here, etc, that are developed by giving the fastest direction from point A to point B based on real-time traffic conditions, the App Rasters.Navigation was created to meet the use cases of public works operators.



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